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After three grueling but also exciting months we are nearing the end of a fabulous project, my " Road Of Dreams CD release.

Accompanied by my adopted "other-brother " Michael Lacey on drums and percussion we embarked on a journey together of soul, creativity and some pretty damn good tunes....hmmm, I kinda like that! It is our first recorded effort together in over ten years but is the culmination of over thirty-five years of musical kin-ship.

I first met Mike back in the 1970's when we had lot's
of hair and wearing bell-bottom jeans, full of wine and strange aromas in the air. Even back in those days while we were in a traveling rock band Mike and I were
always pushing the envelope of creativity, often taking our band's sound into jazz-rock fusion and then to country, folk or whatever mood struck us at the time.

Well we moved on and moved apart for a few years and Mike went on to become a respected Seattle band leader and ran a pretty high-end drum shop where the pros from Clapton to the Stones would buy their gear for show in the local arenas and domes. Mike was the tune-up guy who would come onto their stages with an array of cymbals, drum heads and other percussion goodies to make the big show even better! Mike was very very good at his job!

Mr. Lacey and I re-hooked up in the late 1980's and then again in the mid 1990's. At that time we became a duo using midi and sequenced backgrounds and we successfully traveled together throughout America.One time we went out to play in Orlando at Disney World and made pretty fair compensation for the gig. We had intended to save the money for a rainy day but heck, it was August. We were in Florida. We rented a new van and made it into a nine day vacation through Miami and  on to the Keys and swimming in the gulf. We came home broke but at least we could say we went to Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville and had a Cheeseburger In Paradise!

Also appearing on this CD are Trumpet phenomenon Mario Pesacreta, piano Virtuoso Bill Hallett , world famous Bass player and arranger David Shriver whom we have featured on this magazine several times and our very good friend the multi-talented James E
( Jimmy ) Gass Jr.

Mario Pesacreta comes to us from the up and rising alternative/ska/ rock and soul group LOCUST STREET TAXI and I feel really fortunate to have had him play for us. He takes the music somewhere I never dreamed it could go. Bill on the piano is someone I have known for over 25 years and he's the guy who can play anything. I just have to hum the tune or call the chords and he's got it! David Shriver is a close personal friend who brings to the table more experience , both in the studio and on the stage as a world touring artist, than any of us could ever hope to achieve. Last but not least is my good old buddy since junior high school, Jim Gass. Jim is a rare talent. A drummer turned bassist who also plays keys and guitars and sings like a bird! Jimmy owns a recording studio where we have done much of our works as songwriting partners. Jimmy and I also were involved with television production for over thirteen years in front of as well as behind the scenes as producers and hosts. When I hit a hard spot and can't figure out what to do with an engineering or production problem I take it to STUDIO Z, Jimmy's place and he helps me get it right. I am grateful that he also provided his beautiful voice for some of the backing tracks on Road Of Dreams. SEE PHOTO AT RIGHT


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