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Photo: "My Stage is the Street" by Surfmonkeyone
Taken in New Orleans' French Quarter

   Street performance is such an underated artistic culture. Ever since I was a kid, I was fascinated by musicians who covered every block of Pike's Place Market in Seattle. Not even just musicians, but dancers and magicians..and much to my father's despair, even mimes. I would watch in awe at the crowd in particular, noting the effect that the performer had on them. Waves of peace and joy, laughter and applause.There is something about being under the sky, and hearing the vibrations echo in the wind. People flock to their energy by the masses....following the music like the smell of sweet apple pie in a cartoon window sill . You can almost see them floating in by their ears.
It's a beautiful thing to witness.


Video Posted by Patrick Miller
Daegu City in South Korea

Posted by: Maria M. M
Bonifacio High Street, BGC, Taguig City, Philippines

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Thanks to Mr. Scott Cryer, who captured this video (right) in Victoria, B.C. !

Artist: Unknown

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The artist, Justin Ward is really incredible. Others noticed..

“Justin Ward is a true game changer!”

-Tyrese Gibson

For more on this San Francisco based artist, check out his website HERE.

I couldn't get the video that I wanted to show you..thanks to embed codes removed by request, but this isn't half bad either. I've yet to do more research, but word has it, that Yuki Koshimoto and Taku are a traveling couple based out of Japan. Now, I may be wrong on this, but soon I will get the true full story up for you all to see. I've seen many videos today that blew my mind of these two. Check them out!

Young film maker, Benny Kaz is to thank for this video. Talk about Destiny...he was strolling through Brisbane with his girlfriend and noticed Johnie Lin playing his guitar. He quickly, prepared with video equipment, set up a monopod and seized the moment. Thank you Benny!!

I don't know what this guy is using down there...a toaster oven? Who knows, but it sounds super smooth, and this guy has mad talent. His name is Joshua Rodriguez. It looks like he's based out of Boston, perhaps, but again, I'm not positive where any of these people currently reside. I do know, however, that if you write to, you can book him. I plan to have an interview up soon of all of these performers.

What's a page about street performances without someone playing the good ol' crystal glass? The video of these guys here was captured in Venice, where they successfully blew the minds of passersby.  Incredible. Mozart would be smiling in his grave.
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