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This magazine has never had a interest in cover bands or tribute bands in the past but as we expand we have found that the world is more open and involved with great tribute bands. Festivals, huge casino-resorts have all been finding that ticket-buying rock music fans can't get enough of their favorite super-groups nor do they want to keep shelling out over two-hundred bucks a ticket every time they see a good show, so their has become a valid place for look-alike, sound-alike bands that can pay tribute from the heart and soul.This group we are reporting on, Problem Child , which hails from the greater Seattle Washington area has been setting the Northwest rock stages on fire the past few years with their blazing and powerful tribute to dare I say, one of the best Rock bands in the world, AC DC!

Last year when I met the band's manager Earl Martin at a private show in Seattle, I went home to totally digest what I had just witnessed; one of the most incredible rock performances which was done in such earnest and commitment that I had been moved very much rhythmically and emotionally. I wrestled with the fact that we, DGT doesn't cover " cover " bands simply because our focus has been the promotion of new emerging original artists and bands and I wanted to adhere to the policy and philosophy I have tried to instill into all our featured writers. Then, after nearly a year of deliberation of principles and staying in contact with Earl Martin and my friend Karen Anderson - who turned me onto Problem Child in the first place , I realized this was not just a cover band. This is a group of Artists, not unlike the new generation of Blues musicians and Jazz players who are still playing everybody else's music and trying to keep the Blues and Jazz alive - this new species of Tribute bands aren't doing it just for the money or pretending to be someone they are not - they play the music of the writers and performers to whom they pay tribute because they don't want the world to forget how great a band like, in this case AC/DC really is!

A few years back when AC/DC came to the Tacoma Dome, my friend Marty got us tickets right about middle front and I saw the show of my life. Having been the child of the 60's and getting to go to great shows and festivals with my own band mates to see Jimi Hindrix, Zeppelin, CSN&Y, Doobies, Grand Funk , Chicago and more.  In my day I have logged hundreds of concerts and could have become pretty snooty and biased about what constitutes " good " at a rock show - The band AC/ DC was the best I have ever seen! So going to see a tribute band play AC-DC's music wasn't going to be that exciting as far as I was pre-set to expect. I've never been so wrong about music and musicians. And this as earlier mentioned weighed heavily as I decided to adapt and just come out and admit it - I am a huge fan of Problem Child! I see a very bright future for yet another northwest band to go out and conquer the world of rock. And as long as people can remember how to say AC/DC and Rock radio around the world plays their songs, then Problem Child will have millions of fans waiting to see and hear them play music - real music from the heart that the world chooses not to forget !
Bruce J Maier
Damn Good Founder

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