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The Historic Chehalis Washington Theater

Over a year ago I reported about a band from the Pacific Northwest who completely derailed the philosophy and framework boundaries with which I first established this magazine in 2007. Knowing well that there were literally hundreds of thousands of bands in the world dedicating night and day to writing new music, setting out on tour and building a grass roots fan base we told everyone “we are sorry, but just cannot talk about cover or tribute bands. You must write your own material or as in the Blues and Jazz music -  be able to re-arrange great standards and make them your own. Our dozen or so highly skilled volunteers adapted to our creed and it was set in stone.  And then there was that one night a summer ago when I was asked to go to a rehearsal for an AC/DC tribute band in Seattle. 

I told my friend that I will not do a story on such a group and she went on to say there would be free pizza and beer. I said “I’m in“!  Just a couple of years before this I went to the “real“ AC/DC concert at the Tacoma Dome and realized they put on the best Rock show I’d ever seen in my life.  So in my mind it was going to take a lot of fire,  a mammoth inflatable doll and a huge locomotive flying out over my head to even keep me awake after the food and drinks were served. But I was mistaken.

Photo: Simon Krane

Imagine if you could have been a fly on the wall at a Stones, Nirvana or AC/DC rehearsal back when they were really in their prime and the long line of zeroes had not yet appeared in their bank accounts and they were playing for the art of it all because there was nothing more they would rather be doing.  No pyrotechnics, no fog, no lasers, just five young men laying it down and ripping it up! This band who call themselves PROBLEM CHILD  had blown me away the most in thirty years! For the ninety mile ride back home the four of us in the car just couldn’t stop talking about the experience we all just had. I had been severely bitten with impression.  In the morning I called Trinity Lost at DGT and told her what had happened and how this band would turn our direction upside down. She had actually been trying to tell her old man, me (you didn’t know?) this was an important aspect of entertainment art we had sadly been missing but I was regrettably set in my ways. 

We here at Damn Good Tunes are proud to be affiliated with Problem Child and their management company spearheaded by Earl Martin. In the year that has passed PROBLEM CHILD has traveled up and down the West Coast of Canada and the US selling out indoor theaters and outdoor arenas. They recently had a great show at Count's Vamp'd Rock club in Las Vegas, Nevada and were invited back for several more shows. Last month they played outdoors for the city of Everett Washington’s “Classic Rock Waterfront Festival” and have played several events since. 

In conclusion PROBLEM CHILD loves AC/DC and decided years ago to pay tribute to some of the finest musicians ever in Rock and Roll history. They started out doing this because that’s the music they love the most. Then this amazing thing happened and thousands of people started listening to, seeking out and even drive hundreds of miles to be at their next show. And like many of the amazing bands we’ve reported on these past twelve years I have a strong feeling that the world wants the best tribute acts to do what they do best. People want the music to always stay alive and, just like those honorable Jazz and Blues Masters, many of whom haven’t the foggiest idea how to write a song of their own – Rock is a genre that will never ever die. So why should we the concert and record buying fans have to wait five years or more for our favorite bands to go on a world tour? With average ticket prices edging the three hundred dollar mark why not support a great tribute act who are so good at it, you may mistake them for the real deal! PROBLEM CHILD will be my editor’s pick for 2019 as the best band of the year!  

Coming up on Saturday, August 10th they will appear for one night only at the Historic Chehalis Theater in downtown Chehalis Washington. The theater is partnering with United Way of Lewis County and it’s a win-won for everyone in the local community. Tickets are just $20 and you may purchase them at:
McFilers in Chehalis and Book & Brush, Chehalis as well as at the Theater door

The Chehalis Theater is located at 558 N. Market Blvd. Chehalis WA
By Bruce J Maier
Editor & Founder

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