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Paradise Fire-Aid

Superjam NW
This is a LIVE music concert with two stages and over 15 bands from the Pacific Northwest, Vancouver BC to Sacramento California who are all volunteering their services and music talents to raise needed funds for the victims and survivors of the deadly Paradise" camp fire ". All the net proceeds will be distributed by the Chico California, North Valley Community Foundation which has been in service int heir valley for over thirty years and who only takes One Per Cent for administration and operational costs. In a single day over 22000 American citizens were suddenly homeless as a wall of fire engulfed their beautiful city. Human lives were lost, family dogs, cats, birds, horses and other livestock perished in this blaze. Entire shopping centers and businesses and non-profit organizations were leveled to the ground.

While we know as we plan this event that no matter how much we do that by itself would not be enough to solve the long term needs of the victims but we knew that if we could just create a movement, we would inspire many more to help where they can. With it's inception on facebook weeks ago we reached people all over the west coast and the United States. Some have pledged support as volunteers, some offered money to defray the hard costs of putting on an all day event in a 12,000 sq ft building at a Fairgrounds midway between Seattle and Portland on the Interstate 5 and some have sent us prayers and many more have given our crew hugs and unconditional support.

God Bless you all, Bruce J Maier / Event Coordinator

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