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Like all the volunteers here at DGT Rocky Nelson our star Blues reporter also has a so-called " day-gig " but his job takes him all over the world with the Army Corps of Engineers. Mr. Nelson believes in hard work and making a difference in people's lives wherever that may be. This will be his sixth long tour of Afghanistan since 2008 and we expect him to be there for quite a while once again. Rocky is responsible for also getting Armed Forces Radio to produce the first ever Blues music broadcasts from that country. Rocky Nelson has served as the secretary for the Washington Blues Society, contributing many articles and going on assignment to several of the International Blues Challenges in Memphis Tennessee where he has interacted with many major and rising stars of that genre. Rocky nelson has been my personal friend for over thirty years through our mutual love of Live music. The fact that we connected again ten years ago on an entirely new platform with Rocky being our main Blues Editor has been one of the most satisfying rewards this position as owner of DGT has provided to me. Rocky always goes the extra mile and I love to tell people the story about his famous interview with Popular and Blues music legend Steve Miller when he covered Miller's concert in Washington state for the Washington Blues Society. When the interview was over Rocky asked Steve(Miller) where he would be next week. Miller replied " why, I'm going to be in Paris France ". Rocky said, " Ill see you there Steve ". And that's exactly how Rocky rolls - he boarded a flight and met up with the Steve Miller Band in Paris while they were in concert promoting his " Boingo " CD release. Rocky Nelson secured the most in-depth interview in the history of the Steve Miller Band and brought it to us exclusively! Let's all keep Rocky Nelson in our hearts and prayers and wish him the best, wherever he is most needed helping others. The link to the Steve Miller Interview is HERE
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