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More and more contacts in the industry were made. All during this time, Law was noticing how alot of bands were getting taken advantage of by "promoters." These guys were taking most if not all of the money from the cover and not giving it to the bands. Worst of all, these "promoters" really weren't doing anything to promote the show. They would put a lineup together, make a few flyers and post them, but that's it. This is things that Law was already doing for the bands, but Law wasn't calling himself a promoter or taking all the money. Law decided to cut out the middle man and not work with any more of these guys.

A few more bands came to Law for help with booking and the "stable" was created. There are now over 20 bands in the "stable". Law Dogg Music has recently expanded operations to Couer d’Alene, Eastern Washington and Portland. There will be even more expansion in the near future.

What started as 1 guy doing all of this for the woman he loves, has become a company doing this for the music that we love. There are too many bands being taken advantage of and it's our mission to stop this. Although we know we can't end it all, we can give another option for bands trying to get their feet in the industry door. Alicia Hannah (Law's girlfriend turned fiancée) has accepted the role of Vice President. Matt Zyskowski is the producer/talent scout. Lorilee Suttor is head of Portland operations. There are more positions that will be coming open within the company as Law Dogg Music grows into the future.
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Recently Law attended a battle of the bands that one of his bands (Fall Saves Grace) was competing in. This event was put on by a major company that puts these things on nationally. This was also a finals event. There were 10 bands performing and all of the bands sold tickets. Law watched as this company made over $3000 just that night alone at this show. That's not including all of the events leading up to the finals. With all of the events for that series included, the company easily made over $10,000. They paid the grand prize winning band $500. Plus it was nothing but a popularity contest. The band that sold the most tickets won. Not the best band.

That was the last straw. Law got tired of how so many bands are being ripped off by so many people in the industry. He decided to go hard to help bands just trying to get their foot in the door. One thing he decided to do to help the bands is create a compilation CD with one song from all of the bands in the stable and have that distributed in venues all around the northwest. This will get more exposure for the bands. It will help create a fanbase for those bands in out of town markets for when they go on tour.

Another really exciting thing coming out of the Law Dogg Music camp is our 2012 Battle Of The Bands series. Yes, we are launching our own series to show bands and big companies how these are supposed to work. Ours is completely different than the big name companies. All bands that perform receive $2 from EACH ticket they sell. They put that money straight into their pocket. Every band that participates receives photography of their performance AT NO COST. We are also working on getting video of their performance for them as well AT NO COST. Bands can use this free material for press kits and on their band pages. Furthermore, there will be 3 independent judges that will determine the winner NOT ticket sales. Bands are judged on stage presence, skill level, crowd reaction (while they are playing), originality and band chemistry. The top 2 bands advance to finals. The winning band in each 1st round event wins CASH that night plus they also receive a headlining slot at a show we build around them.

Law Dogg Music believes in taking care of the bands. People aren't paying money to come see us, they are paying their money to see the bands and therefore it's the bands that should be making the money. We are a small company, but we are going to be doing big things for the bands. As Law Dogg Music continues into the near future we will be opening a recording studio that will be a lot cheaper for bands. We have contacts in merchandise creation and CD duplication. We want to be able to give bands all they need to succeed. At a cheaper price.

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                                                                               Mitzi Dawn
                                                              by Terence Burke



NASHVILLE, TN – Trainwrecks and Pink Clouds is not just an album about addiction and recovery; it’s a blueprint for the damaged, a roadmap for the broken on where to go with the pieces. On her first commercial release, Mitzi Dawn candidly documents her five-year struggle with substance abuse and holds back no punches, stating "If you’ve never taken a drug, had a broken heart, made a mistake, or cried yourself to sleep, then you may have a hard time relating, for the rest of the world, this record is for you." 




"83 Million Heartbeats and I finally feel better/But two years ago I thought I’d never," begins 83 Million Heartbeats, the song’s title indicating precisely how long she had been clean when she wrote it. The title of the album sums up the theme of the record - songs that anyone, regardless of whether they have been in recovery or not, can relate to – obsession, forgiveness and finding peace within yourself.                         


A seasoned songwriter, Dawn, has penned songs for various artists on the Top 40 charts, but wanted to express her own voice as a solo artist with Trainwrecks and Pink Clouds. Producer Michael Flanders, whose previous projects include Jill King and Siobhan Magnus, cuts down the arrangements to a bare minimum, allowing the singers’ voice to ring through.

A peak moment comes with Sick Love, a potent mix of guitar rapture and chilling harmonies, over the candid lyrics, "I tried every bottle/Used every drug/But nothing can cure this Sick Love." A blend of relentless, unapologetic verses and stripped down loops give way to a chorus as powerful as the deepest confession on With You, another standout.

At a young age, Mitzi saw the toll addiction could take on a family, leading up to her own struggles with dependency. She explains the process of recording the album, "I wanted to get the message across to people that you can choose who you are. If you were dealt a crappy hand, you don’t have to play those cards. You can set them down on the table and walk away. It’s your life; you can start over."




The singer adds, "Being in recovery is the most wonderful gift I have ever given myself and making this record was very healing. If you think you have a problem, please seek help." In her cathartic journey into torment and redemption, Mitzi Dawn looks deep into the abyss and finds her own chaotic clarity.

The first single and video Razorblades & Whiskey is available on iTunes, and the album is scheduled for release February 7th, 2012.

MEDIA CONTACT: Terence Burke,

Terence Burke
Creative Director
Pacific International Music
813A 18th Avenue South
Nashville, TN 37203





American Idol Contestant Makes Bigtime Step in the Right Direction

Former Idol Contender Siobhan Magnus Releases First Single "Beatrice Dream" from her new solo project – by Terence Burke

NASHVILLE, TN – Siobhan Magnus is wasting no time following up her acclaimed run on last season’s American Idol. In addition to releasing an EP earlier this year with her band, Lunar Valve, Magnus has recorded sides for her first solo project. The four song session is in stark contrast to her Lunar Valve EP. Wistful lyrics blend with Magnus’ distinctive rawness to expose a side of the singer many fans not yet heard.

The project began amid a whirlwind of co-writing with Nashville-based Pacific International Music (PIM) writers; Chaise Flanders, Mitzi Dawn and Producer Michael Flanders. Originating from Australia, Flanders is a Producer/Songwriter, whose past production credits include Jill King, Coles Whalen, Josh Arnold, Garrison Starr, Natalie Howard, and a score of other acts. On working with Magnus, Flanders says, "Siobhan has her own colors she paints with, and I just filled in the blanks on our vast canvas."

Flanders organic approach to production is illustrated by his close involvement in a project from start to finish. With Magnus, adapting to her sound came first and foremost. The Producer explains, "PIM is just a great creative space....a small group of writers that can change feathers quickly and take a project to the next level." After choosing four songs from the writing sessions, the basic rhythm tracks were cut at Fireside Studios and then brought back to PIM.

The songs that sprung from the session run the gamut, from whimsical to insightful; self conscious to self-empowering, "Black Doll," is a poignant mix of eerie imagery combined with quiet hope, sung over haunting beats and driving synthesizers. With lines such as, "People saw me and all they saw was strange," Magnus comments on the need people feel to label and judge one another, based on appearances.

This theme of feeling ostracized for being different emerges in the first single "Beatrice Dream," as well. Magnus proclaims "I couldn’t understand why I never fit in. I was living in two worlds full of contradiction." Set against a funk induced bass groove, Magnus gives the kind of inspired vocal performance that made her a standout on Idol. "Going Down" is a more stripped-down affair, both musically and lyrically, and advocates the acceptance of a lover’s faults to the point of mutual ruin.

Though sonically treading new ground, fans can expect the same sense of balance between sincerity and grit that they have come to expect from the raucous Idol rocker on her first solo effort. The first single, "Beatrice Dream" is available on iTunes.

Jessie Torrisi interviews
Mark Nguyen
Planet LA Records

Mark Nguyen

When we heard about the Abolitionist Tour across North America, we immediately said we were in, and that we would assist in any manner  we could to help end human trafficking and child sex slavery here in the US and abroad. What we soon realized was that in order to properly follow this story or contribute, we needed a highly specialized journalist who already had countless Human Rights articles published to her credit, for this is a story which deserves the best and the most responsible attention available. So we asked Jessie Torrisi  for some help and for her to talk it over with the folks at the Not-For-Sale Campaign which is spear-heading this movement.  Almost immediately Jessie, Jeff  " Classic " Popka and Mark Nguyen  commenced  a series of talks about the Abolitionist Tour, the first of which appear in this issue of DGT. To see these three amazing people come together  along with the rest of the members of Indie On Air , Not For Sale Campaign, Planet LA Records and our own dedicated staff,  really makes one writer-in-chief feel humbled and proud. Please follow the link below for the story and join us in welcoming a shining new star to our amazing staff of contributing writers, Jessie Torrisi!
Bruce J Maier



From upper left clockwise:
We recently made contact with a well established Los Angeles California Artist Management company called
and owner-spokesperson Kate Davenport. She suggested that we look into these four groups who she was handling
and we were surprised to find that all four should be moved into high priority for review!  Each of the bands has
great original material and musicianship and each has what we believe it takes to make a serious breakthrough
into the music industry; that extra " something ", the spark that seems to electrify every note with enthusiasm
    and soul. Heaven knows it takes these elements and a whole lot more in today's changing music markets, but it doesn't hurt when a band writes their own material, has product in hand and a
professional video presentation as well.Watch for the upcoming reviews and interviews with
Irvine, Modena, The Keeping and Oblivious Signal  this month in the DGT!


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Our " Lady of London " has once again brought us an
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Amanda & Travis Marsh


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