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Ice Music Festival 2018
Announces New Location
All Photos, Credit: Emile Holba, IMF 2017, Geilo, Norway
   The Ice Music Festival, normally located in Geilo, Norway, has announced it's relocation versus cancellation of this year's celebration. The event will instead be held in the mountains of Finse, Norway, roughly 50 miles North West of their previous site, on February 2nd and 3rd.

  The lineup for 2018 includes a one-hour performance of "Winter Songs", an album by IMF pioneer and Ice Percussionist, Terje Isungset, with Arve Henriksen on Ice Trumpet and Vocals, Anders Jormin on the Ice Bass, and Vocalist, Maria Skranes.
Following, on the schedule, will be a unique performance inside the " Igloofonarium", Which is an igloo, constructed from solid ice and freezing water, equipped with ice horns on the outside, and the audience on the inside. To close out Friday night, an Ice Percussion Meditation looking over Finse's frozen lake, Finsevatnet, will expose audience members to the "wintery sonics" that are produced under extremely low temperatures. Because those temperatures are so low ( -20 degrees C), the meditation and "Igloofonarium" will only last 20 minutes each. They ask that if you plan to attend, dress in your absolute warmest attire. 

  On Saturday evening, IMF members will attempt the creation of instruments from the 359 m- thick Hardangerjokulen glacier that overlooks the Finse Plateau. A 45-minute performance by returning artists Arve Henriksen on Ice, Voice, and Electronics, with Anders Jormin on the Ice Bass will close out the festival.

For more information and tickets, check out  their website HERE

Video posted by Łukasz Solawa

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