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Rest in Music
Ennio Morricone
November 10,1928- July 6, 2020

Nick Cordero
September 17, 1978- July 6, 2020


By Bruce J Maier

The Historic Chehalis Washington Theater

Over a year ago I reported about a band from the Pacific Northwest who completely derailed the philosophy and framework boundaries with which I first established this magazine in two 2007. Knowing well that there were literally hundreds of thousands of bands in the world dedicating night and day to writing new music, setting out on tour and building a grass roots fan base we told everyone “we are sorry, but just cannot talk about cover or tribute bands. You must write your own material or as in the Blues and Jazz music -  be able to re-arrange great standards and make them your own. Our dozen or so highly skilled volunteers adapted to our creed and it was set in stone.  And then there was that one night a summer ago when I was asked to go to a rehearsal for an AC/DC tribute band in Seattle.

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