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The Worlds Greatest Band?

by Bruce J Maier

For nearly ten years I have been traveling back and forth to my other home, Las Vegas Nevada where music is King, the King once reigned 
and LIVE music is still alive and well. Just about a week ago I had a little time in the city and made sure to make Monday night priorities very clear to include my twelfth concert with Santa Fe and the Fat City Horns. They have played all over Vegas but their new residency is the Copa Room at the famous Bootlegger Italian Restaurant just on the south side of McCarran International Airport on the Las Vegas strip.

Good friends and my son invited me out years ago to hear this band play and from that moment on I have become a big fan of their work. This is a band that is so good that when members of other famous recording acts come to town they can be seen sitting right there in the front row wide-eyed and jaws dropped at the proficiency of each of the fourteen or so players and singers that comprise SF&FCH.

Leader of the band is Jerry Lopez who is one of the most respected singer-songwriter, guitarist and orchestra leaders to have ever lived in Las Vegas. He sings and plays his guitars so skillfully yet never has a hint of ego on or off stage. When I met him in person last October I told him that I was of course a huge fan but I said he appears so humble, always willing to toss the ball for solos to the other members including the six horn players, and that I would love to hear more of his playing and singing.  He smiled as I walked away thinking maybe I shouldn't have said that. He loves his band and loves to be immersed in the universe of the music that they all create together and has respect for the musicianship of his team mates and I, who he didn't know from anywhere started telling him what he should do and for that I would gladly tell him I apologize over a beer or two!

Before I go any furt
her I'd like to point out that this group has a drum and rhythm section who work off each other and create a foundation that must be incredible for the other musicians to stand on. They blow me away every time I hear and watch them with all the interesting poly-rhythms and funky Bass lines played by Rochon Westmoreland , a star in his own right. The vocals are also the best in the business in anyone's book. Both keyboard players, Jerry Lopez and three to four additional male vocalists sing the tightest and most melodic harmonies together , each one shining throughout the show - any one capable to headline on their own!

No great act would ever be recognized without for the efforts of all of the crew members who run lights, sound and set up - tear down the equipment and get the band where they need to be.  I was fortunate last week to have made a friend with one of those important key members  Mr Sonny Maupin who has been their sound engineer for over thirteen years. I noticed he was running a MIDAS board and while looking over his shoulder for a minute he asked if I was a sound engineer.  I said no, and we just started having a great conversation. Sonny has a dedication for his family members in Santa Fe and FCH and is responsible for how they hear themselves and how the audience will or will not fully enjoy the shows. There are never any feedback hums or growls and the audience recognizes his work at the end of each show and gives him and the light technician a round of applause. Leader Jerry Lopez knew exactly what he was doing when he hired everyone in this group including Mr Muapin . No band, no artist can make it out there on the stages of the world without great sound and presentation and Sonny helps make this band what it truly is, the best band in the world! 

If you want to know more about Santa Fe and the Fat City Horns please visit their official website :

Please call :  702-736-4939 at the Bootlegger for ticket and reservation information

RESERVATION: (702) 736-4939

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