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What I remember most as a child, was the endless acoustic waves echoing throughout the walls of our home. Every door was a portal to a different era than the next. My father, who was scarcely seen without his 1972 Martin guitar, unceasingly strummed out either original works, or one of John Lennon's masterpieces. My eldest brother introduced me to Steve Miller Band, Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots, and many others that I took with me into adulthood. From my sisters' rooms, was usually the sound of some "hardcore love anthem" sung by big-haired men in tight leather. My other brother had his country music, and my mother brought Michael Jackson, Chicago, Air Supply and Huey Lewis to the table.

All of this variety that my little ears took in made me feel in my heart that music was going to be my life. Back then, I thought I wanted to be a star. I practiced in my room for years with combs and soda bottles for microphones. I studied the lyrics from my parents'  records, choreographed dances to Cyndi Lauper tracks. I performed at every talent show from first grade, to sixth. I thought that I truely had "what it takes". Then...came... Middle School.

don't know what happened exactly, but I started to become aware of fear. I began noticing that there were a LOT of eyes out there. I started singing in a softer voice, afraid that someone might hear me mess up. My body's temperature would rise, my cheeks would start rushing with saliva. I became a coward just brooding over the idea of performing. I still do to this day.

Luckily for me, I found that I became rather passionate about writing. Now that I have the opportunity to write about  music, I feel like I am right where I am meant to be. Now, I have the opportunity to bring to you the talents of all these artists who have conquered the fears that hold myself back, and it brings me great satisfaction to do so.

This next artist undoubtedly belongs on center stage. At just thirteen years old, she has more vocal stamina than many of the musicians she admires. She has not just her own style, but an entirely unique perspective on how an acoustic guitar can be played. Her abilities are limitless. It is as if she has made some sort of pact with a magical source to play the way she does. Of course, I know better than to conjure up strange theories to explain such abilities. After all, this isn't 1692.  Instead, I put all my faith into the fact that this young lady was just blessed with pure, natural, and undeniable artistic talent.
Marnee,(pronounced Mar-nay), is not held back by petty fears, which was one of the characteristics that first caught my attention. Her free spirit allows her to perform exactly as it comes through to her. She may look as if she exits this dimension in the middle of her set, but the reality is, she is probably more grounded than anyone that you or I have ever known. Marnee is simply a truely remarkable human being.

Marnee was turning heads at just ten years old, by winning "Top Vocalist" in her category at the 2006 Talent Rock in Orlando, FLorida. The young artist  blew the audience away with her rendition of Sixpence None the Richer's " Kiss Me". She has since had the opportunity to play and perform for hundreds of thousands of ears through radio station waves, youtube, myspace, and places such as the annual Music Strategies Conference, for Tim Sweeny [Tim Sweeny's Guide to Releasing Independent Records], and literally at the Grand Opening of the Lucas Oil Stadium, new home to the Indianapolis Colts, sharing stage lights with legendary artists Stephen Stills and John Mellencamp.

Marnee has recently released her debut album, When There's Gravity, in which she solitarily wrote six of the eight songs. She is joined by instrumentalists Lance Hoeppner (Piano), Felix Moxter (Viola), Jake Vachon (Bass), and Rick Kinney (Drums), to form The Marnee Project. Each member of TMP accentuates Marnee's talents with superb acoustical harmony and precise rhythms.
The album was produced at Temple Recording Studios in Fort Wayne, by Rick Kinney and Thomas Shaffer. 

I can not possibly tell  you which song is a key one, because to me, they all are. The album is like that of Tori Amos, or Jewel, where every track is vital to the understanding of this young woman's inner workings. These songs are keys to her soul, which she is offering a peek into. The title track is definitely an example of how grown up she really is. Her lyrics are not typical for someone her age, but it is extremely refreshing to see that there is someone out there who is  genuine.  A lot of young girls start out by  writing songs about Love, in relationships, and it doesn't seem right. Marnee speaks of Love, as well as the lack of it, that exists  in our world today. I think that she is able to look past the things that do not matter, and each song proves that she has it in her to become exactly who she aspires to be. The best part of it all, is that she is doing it for the love of the music, not for the fame. Because of that, she will go far.

Please help support Marnee by purchasing When There's Gravity, and join the thousands who are watching her career bloom around her at an incredible speed.

-Marnee, you are an inspiration to us all-
Trinity Lost

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Trinity: Marnee, you played at the Grand Opening of Lucas Oil Stadium on August 14th, 2008. This was a pricey event, at $250 per ticket, and the show featured Stephen Stills, and a surprise guest appearance by John Cougar Mellencamp. How did you land a spot on stage for this special gathering, and did you get a chance to meet them?

Marnee: The Event Company, BMG, that produced the event, saw me online and called a local radio station to see if they knew how to get a hold of me. They called my Dad, came to see one of my shows and hired me.  It was an awesome awesome experience! I didn't get to meet John Mellencamp, but I did get to meet Stephen Stills and he even took a moment to give me some advise as he was leaving the stage (& I was going on to the stage.) He said it sounded like there were four of you when you are on stage singing and to just listen to the voice inside ( This was due to the acoustics in the Huuuge Stadium!)


Trinity: Now, you  play several guitars, including one very beautifully painted acoustic with your name across the frets. Who customized it for you?

The customized guitar was made by CASE GUITARS but the beautiful artwork was done by my sister Hannah.

Trinity: Is there a particular guitar that you feel especially connected to?

Marnee: I feel very connected to all of my guitars but the one I am mostly connected to is my Taylor. It is a gift from a friend. It is my best guitar. It is a great guitar to have. I have even named it & written a song about it.

Trinity: Some people like to say that you are the reincarnate of a number of different artists; comparing you to Janis Joplin and those alike that we have lost in the past. How do you react to these statements?
Marnee: I think to myself, " You know it could be possible".
Trinity: Where do YOU feel your talent comes from?

Marnee: From my Soul.

Trinity: In all of your performances, you look as if you are completely entranced the moment you touch the first string. Where do you go in your mind while performing?
Marnee: I call it Drifting .....or my music's my happy place.

Trinity: How do you prepare yourself before stepping onto the stage?

Marnee: I focus on the present moment. I breathe it in and I breathe it out. 

Trinity: Do you ever get nervous?
Marnee: I don't get nervous but I get really "OH WOW, I am here & I get to do this!"
Trinity: Do you want to continue with music throughout your life, or do you have any thoughts of what you want to do when you finish school?
Marnee: I want to be a professional musician & get to write music and perform!

Trinity: If you went on the road, what would your plan be for education?
Marnee: I would home school & maybe have a tutor also.
Trinity: You are an amazing songwriter, and not just for your age (which IS impressive of course), but as a true artist. What does it take for you to come up with the ideas for these songs?

Marnee: Everyday life & experiences.When all the emotions and thoughts gather you have to just write {them}. I started writing WHEN THERE'S GRAVITY after waking up from flying dreams. It made me think of being trapped by gravity and things we deal with.
Trinity: It's been said that your family may move to Nashville to help further your career. Is this still part of your goal?
Marnee: The move was put off due to the economy...we will move if circumstances change. 

Trinity: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Marnee: I would live on an island of the shores of Belize.
Trinity: You performed for Tim Sweeney at the annual Music Strategies Conference in L.A. What was your favorite part of the trip?

Marnee: My favorite part of the trip to California was flying for the first time. It was neat being in a different state and getting to explore a new state too. California is beautiful.I love the palm trees. I got to see my favorite car made into a limo...a Corvette limo! I cried when we were on the airplane going back home. I wanted to stay and have my family to just move there so we could live there. Tim Sweeney is a great guy. He gives a lot of one-on-one attention. He is a GREAT artist advocate and will do what he can to help you succeed in your music. We are planning to see Tim again in June at Music Strategies 2010 ~ Las Vegas.

Trinity: How do you spend your time when you're not singing?
Marnee: I love to be outside- swing and walk, I listen to Led Zeppelin & Joni Mitchell alot. I watch Sponge Bob!

Trinity: Do you have any other hobbies that you enjoy?

Marnee: I make claymation and toymation movies. 

Trinity: You are known all over the world and have thousands of fans. Do you feel that you are still living a pretty normal life based on your new-found fame across the globe?

Marnee: What is a NORMAL Life? :)  Anyway, absolutely.
I am living the same life I did before becoming known.

Trinity: How do you think you would handle it if suddenly you started having the paparazzi around every corner? Would it bother you, or have you prepared yourself for that level of fame?

Marnee: I don't think anyone can truly be prepared for paparazzi. I pretty much live in the moment and as different things come up, I deal with them then

Trinity: How did you all come together to create the Marnee Project?

Marnee: The guys that laid down  drum, keys and bass for the CD are all friends and we thought it would be fun to get together sometime and jam. We had never played together before- actually none of them had seen me play before- they had never heard me play live...they just knew my music from listening to the tracks laid down for the CD.  A local venue  heard we were gong to get together and play and booked us for a show. The band and I played together twice and voila.....The Marnee Project :)

Trinity: Do you feel more comfortable now that you have an awesome live band to join you on stage?
Marnee: NO...I am comfortable solo or w/ the band. It is really cool to play with the band. I couldn't say I like playing solo or with the band over the other...I just LOVE playing.

Trinity: Where would you like to see yourself, say 5 years from now?

I would love to see myself playing on stage w/ Jimmy Page with a sold out show of 50,000 or so people.

*You know, I wouldn't be surprised if that goal came through...*
Thanks to Marnee, and her wonderful parents for all your cooperation and patience.

Please check out Marnee's Videos and follow links to purchase When There's Gravity.
*Trinity Lost*

Photo Credits: Top Left & Bottom ~ Libby Huffer of Libertyeyes Photography
Top  Right ~ John "Pops" Dickerson

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