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It is rare to find one person with the brains, talent, energy and foresight all wrapped up in one package!

T.JAE CHRISTIAN IS ALL THAT AND MUCH MORE.... He is my friend! T. Jae is a bundle of talent that consists of entertainer, recording artist and writer, producer, A&R, talent manager and business man. He owns and operates UNIVERSAL SOUND RECORDS. This man wears hats of many shapes and colors and forms. As an artist, T.Jae tours on a regular basis here in the USA as well as Europe. He performs many dates here and several weeks in Europe each year, doing what he does best....COUNTRY MUSIC! T.JAE IS PURE COUNTRY and is proud of what he is and what he, as an artist/writer, and business man has accomplished. T. Jae Christian is a UNIVERSAL ARTIST, with "Hit" records here in the USA and in Europe. As a writer, T. Jae Christian has had songs recorded by The great Roy Orbison, T. Graham Brown, Roy August, Jeanie Pruitt as well as himself, T.Jae Christian and many others.

T.Jae was born in rural Kentucky, lived in the country, grew up there then moved to Ohio. While living in Ohio, T.Jae started doing what he had wanted to do all his young music! T. Jae worked making a living all the while honing his skills as an entertainer. T. Jae would sing for anybody anytime and anywhere, sometimes no one had to ask.....he would just sing, and sing he does so well, to this very day!

In 1973 T. JAE CHRISTIAN opened the doors to one of the first " Indie" record labels in the United States. UNIVERSAL SOUND RECORDS was born. Mr. Christian decided it was time to do what he wanted to do, so while working a full-time paint and body business, T. Jae started learning the science and art of the recording business. The great Owen Bradley became Mr. Christians mentor and under this great mentor’s watchful eye and skill, the young T. Jae Christian became a dedicated producer, writer and engineer. Aside from running his paint and body business, T.Jae started singing country music of which he had done all his life and performing anywhere he could find a venue that would let him perform his music. And, with a lot of hard work, "Wood shedding" as well as dedication to what he loved, T. Jae Christian became an entertainer, writer, owner and CEO of one of the first " Indie" record labels in the world.

Among the recording artist currently on UNIVERSAL SOUND RECORDS, my writing partner and friend, the" Hit man" himself, writer and artist, Mr. Roy August and Lacey J. Skyler, the latest addition to the record label, and of course, T. Jae Christian. There are other recording artists on the label also. As a producer, T. Jae Christian produces T. Graham Brown, Lacey J. Skyler, Roy August and several more artists signed to the UNIVERSAL SOUND record label.




James Dean: Here in my studio today, I am visiting with T. JAE CHRISTIAN, owner and CEO of UNIVERSAL SOUND RECORDS, Nashville Tennessee, along with my friend and writer, the" Hitman" Mr. Roy August and a brand-new UNIVERSAL SOUND RECORDS artist, Ms. Lacey J. Skyler.

I would like to welcome you to my studio and my" Digs." Thanks for coming over to my place and taking the time to sit down and talk with us at Damngoodtunes. com, the web music magazine.

T. Jae Christian: Thanks James and thanks for having us over here, we're always happy to talk with you and with the music magazine.

J.D: T. Jae, how about telling us a little bit about yourself and where you came from.

T. Jae: I was born in Kentucky, I come from a small town where artist like Loretta Lynn, Bill Monroe, Ricky Skaggs, Tom T. Hall. Patty Lovelace that came from the area and I've been singing and pickin’ music all my life. I moved here from Ohio in 1970 and cut my first record here.

J.D.: You were in the car business, paint and body for a while as well as a simi-pro bowler, tell us a little about that.

T.J.: Yea, I was in the car business, I bought cars and fixed them up, sold’um just like ole Gene Watson did down in Texas. I nearly killed myself smellin’all the paint and dust. You know Gene Watson did paint and body work before he became a "Star." I bowled a lot and loved it. I was simi-pro and had a shot at going "Pro" but the sponsor did not come through. I had a room full of trophies, so many I had to just throw some of them away. I loved my bowling!

I met Owen Bradley, the producer and Owen was good enough to let me set in on the recording sessions and I learned the business of recording and selecting the songs and running the board. Owen Bradley taught me everything I know about doing sessions and the art of making a record. My wife, Pat here, will tell you, Owen Bradley was a great friend and responsible for what I am today. Without him I would not be doing what I am in the record business today.

J. D.: T. J., You are the owner, founder and CEO of UNIVERSAL SOUND RECORDS tell us about UNIVERSAL SOUND RECORDS, when and how this record label was founded.

T. J.; I started the record label in 1973, I started the company and I built it from the ground up.

UNIVERSAL SOUND RECORDS is one of the first" Indie" labels and we are still doing today what we started out doing. We have several artists that records for the label, a friend over there, Roy August is one of the artists and we have the latest artists sitin’ right here in the studio with us, Ms. Lacey J. Skyler. We have recorded Mindy Miller and Harley Cummins, also Pat Roden.

J. D.: T. Jae, you, as an artist, has had numerous records recorded, many of whom you, the writer, recorded and released. I am assuming that most of these records were recorded on the UNIVERSAL SOUND label. T. Jae Christian, the recording artist, has had chart topping records and albums, most of which hit the top of the charts in Europe. T. Jae Christian, the recording artist, tell us about some of the songs that you have written and recorded throughout your illustrious career.

T. J.: "MARRIAGE ON THE ROCKS," is one of the songs on the album that was song of the year, the album was album of the year. The album "OLD PORCH SWING" won the Country album of the year, I was voted MALE ARTIST of the year. I wrote and recorded several songs and duets with the great soul country artist, T. Grahm Brown.

We are working in the studio now recording new tracks.

J.D.: T.Jae, who are some of the artists you have produced?

T.Jae: James, I have produced the last three albums for the great T.Graham Brown. I was one of the writers on several of the songs on the album. I produced Mindy Miller, Pat Roden, Harley cummins and Roy August. Roy and I have been writing together for many years. We wrote several songs for the T.Graham Brown album as well as songs for my last album.

J.D.: T.Jae, tell us about the road and your much and where.

J.Jae: James, we work across the country, we have a tour bus, a Provost, we work quite a lot of dates. I have a band that is mostly made up with session players that I work with when we tour. We are one of the most popular and well known artists in Europe. We tour with the package show that is made up of severl artists like Harley Cummins, Paul Alan Coons, Rick Sharp and others that are on UNIVERSAL SOUND RECORDS or that I have produced.

J.D.: Where are some of the countries you and your package shows perform in Europe?

T.Jae: We go to Sweden, Norway, Denmark and play to packed houses. The people there know country music and the artists that records and performs country music. They want pure country and not the kind of "So-called country" that is being recorded today in Nashville. The people over there will not buy the "New country." They want Hank Williams, Lefty , John, Conway, Waylon, Willie and artists that sang real country. It seems to me, the "New country" artists can’t sell over there. We have done several tours in Europe and the fans there want the traditional true country music. We deliver......I am pure country and very proud to be pure country. I have done that kind of music since I was twelve years old. I will die doing that kind of music, it’s in my soul, my blood and I love it, and what I do.

J.D.: Hello Mr. "Hitman" Roy August. Thanks for coming over here and being with us, along with your writing buddy/friend and producer, T.Jae Christian. T.Jae produced a record on you that was released to European radio called "WHAT I DIDN’T KNOW THEN." This song topped out around 10 or 12, if my memory serves me right, not many people know you sing or that you are, not only one of the major songwriters, you are a recording artist. I have written with you and I hear you sing and you have sat in on some of my shows. T.Jae Christian recorded and produced the song on UNIVERSAL SOUND RECORDS, released it in the European radio markets and the song just took off flying, went to the top of the charts for the country music radio in Europe. Tell DGT readers what it is like working with T.Jae Christian and having a "Hit" record as a vocalist.

ROY AUGUST: I have been writing for over forty years and I have had pretty good luck with that. I wrote the OAK RIDGE BOY’S biggest hit, "FANCY FREE." I have had several songs recorded by T. Graham Brown. I write with many writers and artists. T.Jae is a great producer and writer. We have written many songs together and he has produced them on me and himself as well as several other artist like T. Graham Brown.

It is great to have a song on the charts as an artist and singing the vocals. T. Jae Christian produced the record and released it on his record label, UNIVERSAL SOUND RECORDS. I am so thankful to T.Jae and the record label for recording me and having a "Hit" record on the radio as a writer/vocalist.

T.Jae and I have been writing together for years and have written many songs. Our songs have been recorded by artists such as Jeanie Pruitt, Roy Orbison, T.Graham Brown, T.Jae Christian, the "Oaks," Lacy J. Skyler and many others. We are still writing songs together.

J.D.: Roy, what is it like working with T.Jae Christian, the producer, in the studio as a producer?

Roy August: T. Jae is a great producer and he knows exactly what he wants the record to sound like. He does not cut any corners and he uses the finest musicians to cut records with. These guys are the best a-listers, session players in the business. T. Jae also uses one of the top-notch, up-to-date and modern digital studios in the Nashville, Music City, Tennessee area. T. Jae is great to work with in the studio and as a writer and he never settles for second best. The vocals as well as the sound tracks have to be perfect before the record is ready for pressing and releasing to radio.

J. D.: T. Jae, you have a brand-new artist of which you have signed to the UNIVERSAL SOUND label and she is sitting here in the studio with us today. How about introducing us to this new artist, this beautiful young lady sitting over here on the couch between Pat(your wife) and her grandmother, Ms. Connie.

T. Jae: James, this young lady is Lacey J. Skyler. Lacey is the newest artist signed to the UNIVERSAL SOUND RECORDS label. She has one single out on the market, that is the European market, it is country and the record is doing very, very well! As a brand-new artist and with her first single record on the market, the record is #89 on the country music charts in Europe. For A " First time out" new artist, this is really great! Lacey J. Skyler is a wonderfully talented young artist, and at the age of 13, this little lady has the ability to walk in the studio, lay down the vocal tracks in one take! James, you know, as a recording artist yourself, how very rare that ability comes along, especially with a new artist and at the age of 13 years. Even with all the years of experience in the studio as a demo singer and as a recording artist, I can't go into the studio, walk in and lay the vocal track perfectly in a" One take!"

J. D.: Lacey J., you will be the youngest recording artist to be featured in the" JAMES DEAN SPOTLITE."

You will be in the March issue, of which will be in print hopefully by the second week of March 2012. Lacey J. Skyler, your name and your music, will be placed before millions of readers and music fans all over the world, overnight!

T. Jae: Lacey J. Skyler is a very talented young lady, she is comfortable in the studio and works so well with the session musicians. In this session, the players just fell in love with her ‘cause she walked up to the microphone, lay the vocals down in perfect time, never missing a beat. We love working with her and she is going to make a major impact in the music business!

J. D.: Lacey J., are you ready for this? You should be aware that with this interview and you being featured in the" JAMES DEAN SPOTLITE," millions of people will know who you are, overnight they will know your name and they will be able to hear your music, your latest record released on UNIVERSAL SOUND RECORDS.

Lacey J.: I am ready and I want to go out there and entertain people, I want to do the shows, this is what I won't do for the rest of my life!

James Drue: Playing music is a lot of fun and hard work on the road, touring on the road can be tough. Doing them one nighters is probably the hardest, where you're in a hotel the night, a different hotel tomorrow night. That is just the nature and being a star in the music business.

Lacey J.: I can't wait, I'm ready, I love singing!

Roy August: T. Jae, what genre is Lacey J. Skyler going to be classified as?

T. Jae: Roy, we are going to record Lacey J. Skyler, doing a diverse kind of music and doing the kind of music she is comfortable doing. She has the talent and the ability to record and deliver most any kind of song in most genres of music today. She loves country music.

J.D.: Lacy J. what is the title of the new song you have sailing up the country charts these days.

Lacy J.: The name of the new song is "TROUBLEMAKER." It is #89 on the charts as of today. I love the song and I love singing it. I will have some new songs out very soon, we just wanted to know what this song would do and it’s doing well right now.

J.D.: T.Jae, you have some new records out and the one that gets my attention most is the song, "DIANNE’S SONG." Your voice is in its clandestine T. Jae Christian tone and delivery, as usual. You have the ability to deliver a song with a soul and heartfelt feeling. Every song that I have heard you do, you deliver with that kind of voice and passion.

T. Jae: James, I love what I do, I love writing and performing the music that I do. I've been doing it all my life, I've been pickin’ since I was around 10 or 12 years old. I am working on new music, new songs in the studio as we speak. We are currently working on a new album.

James Dean: Well guys, this is been a great afternoon for me and music magazine. I love talking to people that has been in this industry and has worked and performed as writers, artists, producers, musicians, as well as engineers. I love working with people that love this industry and love what they do, and it is very obvious that you T. Jae Christian, and Roy August have been in this industry for many years and it is always my pleasure sitting down speaking with you guys!

I would like to thank, on behalf of THE MUSIC MAGAZINE,.... and myself, JAMES DEAN, editor/artist,........ writer and producer. T. Jae Christian, writer Roy August and Ms. Lacey J. Skyler for taking the time to come over my studio for this interview.

Our guest for this interview also included Ms. Pat Christian, session musician drummer, James Drue and Ms. Connie, Lacey J’s grandmother for coming!

 Multi-Platinum Songwriter
Roy August

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Tales in the Honky-Tonks
of Music City Tennessee

 by James Dean Fisher

Music City, USA, a large southern city sitting in the middle of the country where a large percentage of the music recorded for radio and television is created and marketed. Many of the "hits" heard on the radio is and has been recorded in Nashville, Tennessee. The entertainment and recording industries work hand in hand with the writers, engineers and producers and musicians to get the songs and music recorded and out to the public. GAC and many other outlets play the songs for the music listing audience and music sales. This part of the music scene in Music City is the talk of many listeners and music buyers, yet, many of them never see how the music is recorded or where and know little about how it gets to the buying public. Music City is the heart of the industry but it is also the home of thousands of musicians that work iin the industry and the road. They consist of singers, pickers, writers, roadies and engineers, producers and people that sell the products and sell tickets. Nashville is a melting pot for the mix that make up the music industry and the entertainment
community called "Music City."

Nashville, Tennessee is a city with many honk-tonks and bars as well as night clubs. They are found all over the metro area as well as in the surrounding ares known as "Nashville." There are six counties that surround Davidson County that make up the metro area. Within that six counties there are over a million people living there and they are know as "Nashvillians."
There are several small towns within that general area such as Franklin, Gallatin, Mt. Juliet and Hendersonville as well as Goodlettsville. The point I am making is, there is a large area here in the Nashville, Music City area that is commonly known as "Nashville." This is our part of the U. S. There are many businesses here that are connected to the music industry as well as most of the business within the Nashville area.

One of the most notable businesses in Music City is the club/bar/nightclub industry. This is a multi-million dollar business and Music City has depended on this business for many years as one of it's most profitable industries. There are many other businesses and industries here but the entertainment, tourist industry depends on the clubs, bars and nightclubs as well as the clubs that have bars and grills within it's walls for much of the income brought into the city of Nashville, Music City, Tn. The clubs here are many and very diverse. The music found here is some of ever genre. In Nashville, Music City you will find Rock-N-Roll, bluegrass, country, Americana, pop, jazz, R & B and blues along with classical. There is a huge Gospel industry in the Nashville business community. Nashville is the home of the Southern Baptist so the gospel genre is very strong here. We, here in the Nashville, middle Tennessee area can proudly say we have one of the most advanced, modern concert halls in the world, the Schermerhorn.

Now that we know about the kinds of music found here in Nashville, we now know there are many clubs and bars here in the entertainment industry, that means there are many entertainers and writers here of all sorts and makeups. There are bars that some of the writers and entertainers frequent on a regular basis. Some of the entertainers such as singers, writers and musicians call some of these places their "Home." These people spend so much of their time in these clubs/bars, they seem like "Home" to many of them. There, they find many of their friends and fellow musicians, writers and entertainers. The clubs and bars are a great place to meet new people and to network. Networking in the entertainment world is vitally important; important to the newbie as well as the seasoned musician/entertainer, writer. The clubs, bars and nightclubs are the heart and soul of the entertainment world here in Music City, as it is in most large cities throughout the world. Even some of the major STARS pay a visit to some of the clubs around town. John Rich, Toby Keith, Kellie Pickler just to name a few that has been seen in some of the clubs on Broadway. Broadway is where the best of the best pickers can be found.......this town is full of great musicians and singers. Even this writer, JAMES DEAN hangs out on Broadway when he is off the road. This is "MUSIC CITY USA"!!!

Music City, the music capitol of the world is a place that is rich in it's history. Some of the great stars were made stars due to the music that is recorded here in Nashville. The grand daddy of them all, the greatest country music song writer known was a product of the Nashville music machine. This great man, Hank Williams, was and still is one of the most played artist on the radio throughout the world. His songs have been recorded by uncountable artist. Songs are the heart of the music and the recording industry anywhere in the world. Without the songs and the writers that create and pitch their art to the artist, there would be very little music as we know it today. Nashville is a city where anyone that thinks they have what it takes to become a successful writer and or recording artist, can apply their skills and talent and seek their goal. It is known here in Music City, as well as most cities where major recording takes place, that the songs and the writers can be found everywhere. People that come to Nashville come here with ever intention of making it "Big" here in the recording capitol of the world. Some do and many do not but the ones that have a successful career and enjoy the celebrity status that the "Hit" records bring, settle in and make a home for themselves as well as their families. Most never leave Nashville.

The clubs and bars here in Music City are a rich source for tales and rumors as well as some of the best "Road Stories!" There, one can find someone that has been either a "Road Warrior" or a roadie or, sometimes, an artist that had minimal success and works locally in the clubs and in the local entertainment business. The tales and stories that can be heard are sometimes funny and entertaining and ......sometimes sad. The idea of sitting back with a cold one or a good drink listing to some great music and some of the things that happen on the road can be a once in a lifetime experience. Some of the jokes that are pulled on artists and some of the jokes artists pull on musicians are great material for writers, if they can stand the bars and the smoke and the laughter and the atmosphere.

It is a common occurance around Nashville to walk in a local bar or club and see road musicians talking about the road and the experiences while out on tour. Finding the time to enjoy some time off and enjoy the company of some of their fellow "Road Warriors" can be a rare thing because some of the tours can last for weeks, even months. The tales and stories heard here in the bars and clubs seem never ending and more experiences take place with the beginning and ending of each tour. In the local bars here is where many of the great songs were and still are written and the ideas for the songs are created there. Many of the "Old" writers are known to be found in certain bars around town. They seem to be at "Home" in their "Hang out" and people watching and listing is what they do best. This is where many of the great songs are articulated, written or the idea is born. Sometimes an idea and a few words from some customer is the birth of a hit song. The "Corner Bar" once located between 16th and 17th avenues was once a great hangout for some of the great writers and up and coming artist. Mac Vickery, Bobbie Borcher, Bob Hicks, Kris Kristopherson, James Dean (this writer), Mel Street just to name a few writers and artists, called this bar their "Home." Tootsies, once owned and operated be the great lady, Tootsie Bass is still known all over the world. This bar is still open and operating but without the likes of Willie Nelson, Faron Young, Ernest Tubb, Grady Martin, Johnny Russell and so many more of the artists that was and still is great "STAR Entertainers." In Music City you never know who you will encounter if you visit the local bars and music venues located in the Nashville, Tennessee area. This, among many other reasons is why thousands flock to the city known throughout the world as "Music City USA."

Some of the books that have been written about the music industry and the musicians are numerous and there are books that tell you how to write songs and be successful as an entertainer. There are books as well as people that tell you how to cook, live, love, raise your children, it all here! The Nashville area is blessed with some of the best colleges and music schools found in the world. Belmont is one of the fastest growing schools in the nation for the musical arts and science. If one wants to come the Music City for an education, here in Music City one can fulfill that wish. If one wants to come here for music and fun and a few great tales and stories about the entertainment world and great southern food and hospitality, we, here in Music City have it all! Just come on in and sit right down, make yourself at home, you are welcome in Nashville, Music City, USA! This great city just might become your new home once you 're cause  once here, you won't want to leave !


It was once believed and a general practice within the record business to enable a would be entertainer/recording artist to become a successful entertainer and recording artist, he or she MUST have a record deal. Three quarters of a century ago, independently owned record labels as well as radio stations were the standard. Radio stations was where many of the recordings were made and recorded and created. Most, if not all recordings were made for radio airplay and usually the records were recorded at radio stations in eastern parts of the United States. Records, recorded vocals and music quickly caught on with the radio listening public and soon more and more musicians, singers and groups were recording records! The record business was born!

With the birth of the record business, radio began playing the records that was being recorded and the demand for the music to be played on the radio stations soon became so intense, the radio stations could not record the music, create the records, play the records on the air , hence, it soon became apparent the radio stations could not handle the complete task of recording, creating and playing the records on the air. THE RECORDING AND DISTRIBUTION BUSINESS WAS BORN!

Gradually, the record labels and their owners soon became prominent fixtures in the record business. The new record labels began picking and choosing the people they thought had a chance of becoming a successful entertainer and recording artist. In the early days, the record labels did not pay the artist to record, the artist would write his own songs and create a melody for the songs then go to the recording studio of which most record labels owned and operated. The artist usually paid the record label that owned and operated the recording studio back in those days for their services. The record label in turn, would make the records (press the vinyl records) and make the records available for radio airplay and record sales at local record stores. The local radio station would play the new records on the air, their listening audience would hear the recording and in turn, seek out the local record stores and buy the records for their personal listening pleasure as well as for entertainment for parties, etc.

 By the time the '30s came along and pre-World War II, the record business and the radio stations had really begun to flourish. Singers, musicians and big bands were on vinyl records and being played on the radio stations. The recording artist of those times usually never received any compensation or profit from the record labels as well as the radio stations playing their records. The recording artists and entertainers of those days usually made their money from selling their records where they played but most of their their compensation came from their live performances. A great philosopher once said," The only thing that is constant, is change." Change did eventually come in the record business, as well as public broadcast. Artists and entertainers began to demand payment for the usage of their products, hence, the "Royalty system" became a reality. The radio stations began to log and keep track for each time an artist's record was played. The record labels soon were forced to pay the artist and the writers for the use of their song materials each time the record played on the air. It took over four decades before many of the recording artist received compensation in the form of royalties from record labels and record sales. Some black artists such as Chuck Berry, BB King, Nat King Cole, "Pine top" Perkins, Little Richard and many other artists received no royalty compensation until the copyright laws were enacted and changed in the middle 80s!
Great changes did come, long overdue changes in the music business, entertainment business, the record business as well as how the entertainers/recording artist got record deals and did business. After 70 years, and the record labels controlling the record business as well as the entertainers, further change was on the horizon. As of this date, it appears as though the major record labels are now losing control of the industry that has made major record labels, producers and the record business, billions dollars over the last 60 years! The control the major recording labels once enjoyed is now beginning to rapidly evaporate. The once tightly held control over the record products as well as the entertainers is slowly and visibly eroding. The playing field in the music business, record business and entertainment business in general is now on a more level playing field. One might ask," Is this a good thing?"
Yes, it is a good thing, from the writer’s standpoint as well as the entertainer’s standpoint. The artist as well as the writer/entertainer now has the ability to write, produce and form his or her own personal record label. The artist entertainer and or writer can now write, produce, sale their own products in the form of CDs and also digital downloads. The artist can go into the recording studio, record a single song or record a complete album, produce it himself then have it mixed down to a master. With the" Master" the artist is now ready to distribute his new single or album to the public in the form of physical CDs for sale or digital downloads. The CDs would need to be pressed, packaged and placed on the market for sales, whereas, the digital downloads can be placed on CD Baby, Amazon, ITunes and many other media that sales music. 

 With the new changes in the way the music business is conducted, the future now looks very bright in the 21st-century for the new artist, writers and entertainers that make up the world of recorded music! Should we, the people that make up the world of entertainment, be excited? This is a question that many of the older artist/recording artists and entertainers sometimes seem befuddled over. The personal managers, record label heads and the record label producers in the past have always controlled who signs with the major label, what songs the artist records, and how much the promotional budget will contain in company dollars. In the last 25 years, it has become common practice with the major record labels to cut new artist from the company roster if their first album does not sale and no single from the album charts.

 When a record label cuts or drops a new artist due to poor sales and poor showing in the charts, the artist is once again back on his own and once again searching for a new label. This scenario is not central to new artists only, once a seasoned artist stops recording hit songs, songs that hit the top of the charts, he to, stand a chance of being dropped from the label. In modern times, the life of a new recording artist with hit songs on the charts, can be as little as 3 to 4 years, hence, the recording career, in comparison to the recording careers of many older stars, commonly referred to as" Superstars" are short lived. Not so many years ago, a new star built a name for himself as well as a sound so unique, the "Star" would immediately be recognized as soon as the record started. The staying power of that "Star" could and did remain for years, sometimes, even until the artist retired or died. 
We have no "Star" power in the artists of today. Most sound similar or like some of the artists in the past few years. Gretchen Wilson, Big N Rich, Toby Keith are a few of the exceptions. These artists distinguished themselves with great song material as well as that recognizable sound. They are still here today! The aforementioned circumstances, along with many more extenuating circumstances, are the lifeblood the now proverbial" Change" that has come about in the world of recorded music and major record labels. Having been there, done that, I can speak from personal experience, I, along with most of my friends in the entertainment industry are very excited about all the changes that have come about over the past decade. We are very excited and looking forward to be able to go into a quality recording studio with a great engineer and great producer and produce a quality product that is radio ready and ready to hit the sales market in the form of CDs and digital downloads! It is now possible for an artist to record, produce and enjoy major sales of his or her product by the means of digital downloads while enjoying much greater profits from the sales with much less hassle and red tape! A record can now be radio ready and the recording artist can enjoy radio airplay and receive royalties from the airplay(mechanics) as well as royalties from his downloads and CD sales. 
I am confident the future will continue to bring change to the world of entertainment that includes the record business, music distribution, sales and promotions and the many music business people that makes up the entertainment industry. As the industry changes, we, as writers, entertainers/recording artists must learn to change and embrace the changes, however, we must stay vigilant and learn to persevere if we want to continue to enjoy the good changes that has come about. As an artist, one must continually educate himself and stay up with the latest changes that comes regularly. The latest technology, the latest marketing ploys as well as the virtual tools available through Internet marketing and media are among the information and knowledge an artist, in today's world of music, must keep up with and by all means, display a continued effort to hone your craft and be the best that you can be at what you do! Stay vigilant!
JD Fisher!

Colt Ford
A New Kind of Country
By Eric Normand
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