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If you ever felt pop music was all the same, you're basically right. Here's the breakdown of dozens of popular songs, giving you a visual of how it happens. 

 Northwest Hip-Hop

If you think that the only Northwest Hip Hop scene is in Seattle, you're dead wrong. As much as I personally enjoy and support Macklemore and his crew, or  how long I've loved the Blue Scholars, I can't ignore the rest of the Northwest's talent. There is a lot of ground to cover up here..and in every crack and crevice, you can find talented artists. Whether they are performing on the corner of a busy street, or hiding out in a dive bar, they DO exist.  

*Hip Hop is not DEAD- It's just UNDERGROUND*

Below are a few of my favorite artists/projects that the Northwest has to offer.

 Now Available!

Partie Down

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Check out XP's latest video "Not Today"

The Chicharones
Chase Moore (Producer)
Clint Partie (Producer & Emcee)
Pele Won
Iron Fist
Serge Severe
Professor Klarrity

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