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Music and the Mind- Health Matters [University of California Television-San Diego 2010], hosted by Dr. David Granet, M.D, brings together experts Aniruddh Patel, PhD, of the Neurosciences Institute, and Barbara Reuer, PhD, of Resounding Joy to discuss the effects of music on the brain, targeting subjects such as the comparison of animals vs. humans ; music vs. disability; the brain creating music vs. the music creating the brain;  in what ways we connect as a whole on a non-verbal level; and the future of music as a central focus in our education system. You'll also find below, two more videos delving into the latter two subjects a little more from Tedx Talks, Unlocking Music with Neuroscience with Ardon Shorr and The Value of Music Education with Richard Gill. All are well worth the time.

*I'd like to give a special thanks to University of California Television for allowing me to share this video with you all!

Unlocking Music with Neuroscience: 
Ardon Shorr at TEDxCMU [2012]


The Value of Music Education:
Richard Gill at 
TEDx Sydney

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