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by Nashville Damn Good Tunes Editor
James Dean Fisher

As working musicians, most of us have to go to work at various times of the day. Some of us have a day job and then we have our job as a performing musician most of the times at night. We sometime work so many hours and the work load becomes so strenuous, we forget to consider our health. Bad news.....well, to say the least! Our health is just as important in our lives as our jobs, and in order to keep up with the demand of the jobs we have to make ends meet, we neglect our health. When one lets health go by the wayside and does not eat and get enough rest, the body will suffer, and suffer it does.
When we work so much and do not take the time to rest and eat properly, our health starts to decline and the body starts to show signs by means of feeling tired and sick, or just not enough energy to cope. Our bodies can take just so much before it starts to show signs of fatigue and starts to fail. It is a well known fact that musicians, or a large number of them, do not pay much attention to their health until they get sick. It is essential for working musicians to maintain their health and get enough rest and eat as well as possible in order to maintain the workload they are under.

Many musicians have day jobs and the hours are long and some of the jobs are hard, therefore, when the day job is over and the musician gets home, there is very little time to rest and get a proper meal, they just grab a bite and head to the gig. This sort of living will work for many young musicians but they too will eventually start to feel the wear and tear on the body. As the body ages, the times will tell on the musician and the body will suffer. Proper rest and nutrition is the key to a great performance and the ability to perform night after night as a working musician. Sometimes, eating well and eating in a timely manner isn't always possible simply because of the schedule working musicians have to work. However, with a little effort as well as planning one's activities, the ability to manage one's health IS quite possible.

One might ask," What if I cannot afford to eat well?" The answer to a question like that is quite simple; get a better job, even if it is a "Day job," the point is, the musicians health is most important in order for him to work and perform at his best doing what he loves to do.....Play music. Musicians have a tendency to play and party, by that I mean, play the gig and then head to a party where they drink, smoke, network with friends and party until the wee hours of the morning. This lifestyle is very detrimental to a working musician’s health, and the entertainment world is aware of this simply because of the nature of the business, entertaining. With this in mind many musicians head on Home, not eating, just needing sleep, and after being up all night, sleep seems to be their foremost priority. It is no wonder so many musicians die long before their time! A musician’s health and well-being should be their first priority!

Most musicians that work on the professional level, session work, major artists, band support and backup broadcast shows seem to be at a level in their musical career where they are aware of the importance of maintaining their health and a healthy lifestyle. History has proven that an ill conceived assumption that in order to be socially accepted in the social circles, as a young, new musician, they must socialize in the industry and must hang with the gang and try all the social drugs and drink in order to fit in. This assumption has been around for decades and as time has proven, it has been the downfall of many a fine musician, whereas, living a good healthy clean life and networking with the right people in the music industry would have paid off in success and therefore the makings of a great musical career.

There have been musicians, performers, up and coming entertainers that use the excuse, I don't know how to cook, or I don't have time to eat all those different foods that the health nuts all talk about! Well, guess what? Most of the fast food restaurants have a dollar menu and if one uses a little common sense it is quite easy to eat a fairly balanced meal on a daily basis. McDonald's has several very good sandwiches as well as a small side salad, that for around three dollars, a good fairly balanced meal can be had. Several other fast food restaurants have sandwiches and salads that work for lunch and dinner. You need the meals and most of these eateries have breakfast foods on the dollar menu also. For less than $50 a week one person can eat a relatively healthy diet, therefore, it is a well-known fact that this type of lifestyle makes for a better life. When a musician practices a good lifestyle with a healthy diet, enough sleep and rest, this is the person that's going to get ahead and do well in the music industry.... and this is true in most any industry.

Sometimes the work load gets to the point where it's too heavy and there doesn't seem to be enough time in the day to eat well, get enough rest, maybe, exercise a little. This is when the working musician, as for that matter, anyone that works a heavy work load such as a day job and playing a gig at night will need a little help, by that I mean, something that will give them a little bit of vitality and Pip. This can be done in several ways, the most common and the easiest is to consider some health supplements. They are readily available at most all retail outlets.

The first thing that should be done is to visit your local health provider or a local doctor for a general health examination. The doctor can advise as to what kind of health supplements you might need to give you that extra energy and vitality. The doctor will advise you as to how you might go about making time for rest, nutrition and a little exercise. He can also advise you as to what health supplements are on the market that will help and enhance your lifestyle.

Some of the supplements that are common over-the-counter products that are readily available for purchase and use are vitamin B-12. This will give you energy and a little extra Pip to carry out the workload and the long hours. Keeping one's body in good health means keeping away the flu bug and the common cold, as well as problems with sinus headaches. Vitamin C is known to help keep away  cold symptoms and can help with sinus problems. The supplement, vitamin E can keep the blood circulating and a good brand of fish oil keeps the old heart pumping at its best and doing this job. 

There is a supplement preparation on the market that is sold over-the-counter at most drugstores and retail stores such as Walmart, target, Kroger and other major retail outlets called," B complex with C." This is known to be one of the best preparations on the market and recommended by physicians and medical professionals throughout the world This preparation is one of the oldest and best preparations for people on the go, that work long hours and with heavy workloads and little time to allocate for rest, exercise, proper nutrition and overall health in general. People, man or woman working in a professional environment such as professional musicians must take precaution and keep their health foremost their mind. Musicians are always busy and the more successful they become in their musical career, the less time they have to devote to their health and well-being. An examination every other year can keep the professional musician abreast as to his health and his health needs. A healthy well-maintained lifestyle includes good nutrition, enough rest, and a great healthy appearance. Dress to impress, display a healthy look and a clean lifestyle will impress the important people that professional musicians as well as up-and-coming musicians will face on a regular basis when building a career in the wonderful world of music. Peer to peer... The music industry!

NOTICE: the gist of this article is to inform and to enhance the lifestyle of a professional musician and the people working in the professional world of entertainment. This includes all the people in the music industry not just the artist and musicians alone. This article and the information provided in this article is not to be construed as medical advice are as any form of diagnosis or cures and remedies. This information displayed in this article is brought to you from a common knowledge base that the layman and the professional can obtain from public information.

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