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Grieves signs with Rhymesayers Entertainment L.L.C

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By: Trinity Lost

I am extremely proud to announce that on February 1st, 2010, Grieves signed a contract with one of Hip Hop's longest running, and most successful independent labels to date. Rhymesayers Entertainment, founded by Brent Sayers in Minneapolis, MN, is home to artists such as Musab (formerly Beyond) Brother Ali, Atmosphere, Evidence (of Dilated Peoples), Grayskul, Freeway, and P.O.S, just to name a few.
Now, Grieves joins this list of legendary emcees, and it's no wonder, other than why it took them so long to finally snag him.
Grieves will be setting up the new lab in New York City, with fellow Seattle-based producer Budo, to work on a third album due out this fall. The pair is responsible for the brilliance behind Grieves' Sophomore release, "88 Keys & Counting", which was a colossal hit with fans. He announced that there will be a reissuing of 
"88 Keys & Counting" starting March 2nd, 2010, under his new Rhymesayers Ent. label.

Congratulations! We are so proud of you! 

 Trinity Lost with Grieves @ Club 111 Flagstaff AZ  circa 2009-ish

Always Talk to Strangers
A Night With Grieves
What can you say to describe an artist that completely inspires you? How can you assure that their talent is being justified by the words that you choose? This has been what seemed like an everlasting battle for me since mid-October, when I first heard the music of Grieves. I knew immediately that he had the aptitude that I was searching for, but what I didn't know, was that it would be so difficult to satisfy my own craving for success in an article. Therefore, I've decided to give up on seeking perfection from myself and just write....
When I walked through the doors of the Orpheum Theatre, located in the heart of Flagstaff Arizona,
I only expected to leave with that sensation  one normally encounters after a night out within good company. However, I was lucky enough to receive something entirely different from my experience. When Grieves hit the stage with the Seattle-based group, Grayskul, at first, I was amused. His stage presence was clever and entertaining.Then, as I listened, I became impressed. I could only hear how the rhythm of his voice blended so perfectly with the beat, but he was right on. When I got closer, I noticed that everything with him was in tune. He had the flow, he had delivery and he had the crowd wrapped around his mic. I was utterly inspired. His affect on the audience was insane to me. I have gone to over forty "big name" concerts, and never had I seen a reaction such as this. Complete focus and silence, as he performed his first solo song of the night, Bottom of the Bottle, from the "Irreversible" album. A song with a deep impact felt by everyone in the venue. He continued his set with one great track after another, and for the rest of the night, my only mission was to get my hands on his cd. When I got home, I played it immediately, and three months later, I sit here shocked at its durability.

It is difficult to choose a favorite because they are all brilliant in my opinion, but if I were forced to make that decision, I would have to say that "He Won't Answer" is the track that pulls me in the most. I can't listen to it without having to fight that emotion that seems to kick instantly at my tear ducts. To me, he is a Lyrical Genius. His music captures you and gently guides you into the story. So much, that you feel as if you were right there inside his mind as events were churning.


This week, my lucky stars shined again. Grieves came back through town on yet another tour, this time with a different group which included fellow lyrical artists, Mac Lethal and Type. It was called the "Always Talk to Strangers Tour", and I decided to take it to heart. I found myself extremely comfortable talking to everyone I came into contact with. I met with the crew throughout the night, and finally, I was able to get a moment with Grieves himself, as he had been running back and forth between the stage, soundboard and of course, every one of his fans! To top it off, he was sick, and yet he still managed to pull it all off. We snapped a quick picture as he promised, and after about five minutes he was called off to go back to the hotel. I felt so honored to have been able to talk with him, even if it were only a few moments. 
I truly believe that within a short amount of time, Grieves will be a name that is screamed in every hip hop venue in the country, and hopefully the rest of the world as well. You can check him out at, and if you're lucky like I was, he may just come to your town too!

Picture of Trinity and Grieves by

Joaquin Zabala

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