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James Dean Fisher
 Nashville Editor - Writer
James has been with DGT for over fiver years and serves as our Nashville Independent Artists liaison . James has been a recording artist and performing musician all of his life and was already known throughout Nashville with respect long before so much of the Country Music crossed over into Pop mainstream which we see today. He makes no apologies for his Southern USA opinions which we love of him, and he always follows it with the finesse and   charm of a true Gentleman of the South . Watch for Mr. Fisher's monthly contributions both in " Music City " and the " James Dean Spotlight " !

Yogi McCaw
Seattle, WA
Yogi runs our entire Jazz and World music segment. He is one of the most recognized talents in the Jazz music scene that the Emerald City has to offer and plays frequently with his band , the Yoginnis. Mr McCaw is a recording artist who traveled back to India last year to record with India musicians and several western artists friends who accompanied him on the voyage. He surrounds himself with some of the most amazing players from several continents and they make a style of music that defies boundary. Experienced and qualified, Yogi McCaw brings this magazine a viewpoint we would not know where to begin to find elsewhere.

Contributing Specialists of Honorable Mention:
Rocky Nelson has been sending DGT some of the finest content we could ever hope to provide for you the readers. His work for the Washington Blues Society is somewhat legendary in the Pacific Northwest but the best part about Rocky is his selflessness. When this man decides to cover a story he will fly halfway around the world to get it - such as the Steve Miller Interview in Paris France and other wonderful works found HERE.

We would also like to thank Randy Kamrandt Sr. From Seattle Washington and Dr. Kenneth Love for their incredible contributions of 2012-13.
Linda Mewhirter
Olympia Washington
Linda came to us in late 2012 with a passion for helping Northwest bands trying to find their way into the music industry. Linda attends multiple live music events each and every week running the gauntlet as a single mom with a daytime career in an unrelated field. She holds a Master's Degree in Education, has an incredible warmth and sense of humor and when she's excited about new music she's a lot of fun to be around! Every artist she has reported on has said that they are always treated with high respect when conducting the interviews and coming to their shows. 

Lou Anne Michel
Cartoonist / Guitar Nation and Fabulous Friends
Oh to put it lightly; how lucky we have been for the past five years to have someone creating an original and exclusive cartoon series for us!  There is simply nothing like Pasty and Bobby in the world of cartoons and they just brighten up each edition of DGT with their presence.  Who would have thought that guitars would become little people except Lou Anne? Watch for their adventures with every new edition!

Trinity Lost
Salem OR.

Art and Design Editor, Writer
Lost & Found
Word On The Street
Health Notes
Music Therapy
New Music Monday
Get Reel
DGT Weekly

Trinity Lost has been with this web magazine since it's inception. A gifted journalist with many years experience in the music and fashion industries, Trinity has a keen focus on what's new and happening before it happens. As and engineer and producer-partner with her husband, Mike Heffley, Trinity has become friends with the newest innovators of Hip-Hop and Beat music. Their knowledge of the trends, the markets and the talented poets and singers of their generation, Trinity has a profound connection to the artists of tomorrow.

Bruce J Maier
Editor - Founder
Recording artist, composer , producer and professional guitarist-singer

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