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 Intro by Trinity Lost

  I suppose that most people without their heads in their undersides know about Curtiss King. I, unfortunately, was not one of those people until a few months ago. Granted, I don't really listen to what is out there on the radio; my world is composed of musicians all over the planet that are in the underground scheme of things. Most of the people that I write about are people that either I've seen live, or who have sent me a CD that they put together by hand.
I'm not use to digging into artists who have had huge successes. However, when a topic came up in our city of Salem, over some preferences on whether or not "Pay-to-Play" was good or bad for a rapper, I wanted to bring it to the attention to our readers and asked a few NW artists, such as ThatKidCry, Afrok, and SoK Entertainment owner Jason Skiles, to weigh in on the debate. As I was editing that article, I came across one of Curtiss King's videos on the same subject. I found it incredibly well-thought out and professionally managed. I added the video to the article, and since then, I've been delving into King's Youtube channel several times a day.

Once I decided that I needed to share these videos to our DGT audience, I started to really get into what Curtiss King is all about, and how much he accomplished on his own by pure drive. It doesn't matter to me that he has produced for a lot of major artists, including Kendrick Lamar, even though Kendrick is one of the very few mainstream artists that I actually listen to by choice. What does matter to me though, is that King is so straightforward and honest with his followers, but he also has an enormous amount of class and respectability. He's not a total asshole when it comes to "CURTiQUING" beats from fans. Instead, he lets everyone know what he does like about a particular part of a beat, and then he'll give actual constructive criticism, leaving one with a feeling of hope and courage. I haven't personally sent him any beats (yet), but he inspired me to want to. I don't really care for the mass sharing of my own music, but I would just to see what he had to say that would help me grow.

I feel that every single video that King has created is a staple to aspiring artists, as well as accomplished ones. I also feel that, particularly the #CurtSpiration series ( Which is currently at 315 videos), discusses topics that can be taken in by artists of any genre.

I could write paragraphs for days about Curtiss King, but I know that you could just google him and there will be numerous articles that are written by actual professionals. I do not pretend to be one. What I can do is make his videos and music appear on these pretty little pages because he gave me permission to do so. So ENJOY. Don't forget to subscribe or follow from your favorite social media sites. This page will be updated frequently with the newest videos.

Peace & Love
Trinity Lost

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