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February 2014

I couldn't think of a better way to bring in the month of love, than with the story of a young girl, who, despite all the negativity surrounding her at school, being bullied and teased for reasons still unknown, has turned around to do something incredible. Instead of crawling into a corner, like most bullied victims would prefer, Lizzie wanted to make a difference. She decided that enough was enough. Cruelty between children just did not make any sense. She wasn't going to live in a world where she could not be her fun-loving, bubbly self, so, the only option? Change the world

Lizzie Sider, now fifteen years old, has put together, with the help of her parents, an inspiring tour directly aimed to aide in the Anti-Bullying movement. She just finished up part of the tour, spending several weeks in various California cities, and is currently back in her home state of Florida to do the same. Her Bully Prevention Assembly is titled
"Nobody Has The Power To Ruin Your Day", named after a conversation she had with her father when she was having issues with the kids teasing her and didn't want to return to school. Lizzie claims that it was that statement by her father that really changed things for her. 

Sider was always into music. Every summer, since she was a tiny little tot, the family would go to Jackson, WY., and Lizzie would sit in the front row at the Jackson Hole Playhouse and sing at the top of her lungs along with the performing artists. She eventually got to participate, and as she grew up, she got more and more involved with the theatre. At one point she even worked the concession stand, and participated in the town square's daily "shoot out", an Old West reenactment and tradition since 1957. After much dedication, Lizzie finally got to be a part of the main show at the playhouse that she had dreamed of as a four-year old, while watching "Annie, Get your Gun".

Knowing in her heart that she was meant to perform on stage, Lizzie followed the path. That path brought her into a world with numerous opportunities attached. One of those opportunities was to meet and work with renowned Australian singer-songwriter, Jamie O'Neal. Together, and with the help of Jamie's father, Jimmy, and lyricist, Lisa Drew, "Butterfly" came out of it's cocoon and became basically the anthem of the Anti-Bully tour. The song is about overcoming obstacles and mistreatments and is an uplifting motivational tune for listeners of all ages, but has been particularly inspiring to the elementary students of which she visits. Comments flood her pages daily, from students that she made an impact on in just a short amount of time, as well as the teachers and principals who agree that what she is doing is not only great, but extremely important. It is inspiring just to read through them. 

Lizzie Sider has gained the attention of major players in the music industry. Her video for "Butterfly" is being played on and TCN (The Country Network), and she even performed on The Queen Latifa Show. She is definitely on her way to absolute stardom, there is no doubt about that, but what I love the most about this girl, is that she aspires to be a great role model. I think in some ways, being classy has become a lost art, but Miss Sider does not seem to be one that will let loose of her values. She has numerously been described as "mature" and "poised" and I see that in her as well. I also see a young girl who is so full of love and laughter that just infects everyone around her. I'd like to see her take this all the way, so that the human race can soak up the love and energy that this girl has to share. As a mother of a young daughter who was bullied so harshly in school, that I had to recently began home-schooling, I think it's incredibly vital that we have people like Lizzie Sider in the world to set a good example. She reminds us of our inner strength and ability to repel the negative. She teaches us to be confident in our shoes and happy in our existence. Most importantly, she teaches us that "Nobody has the power to ruin your day".

I could honestly sit here and write about her all night. I have eleven pages sitting in front of me of notes that I wanted to mention, but instead of being too much of a spoiler, I'll let you check out her website, and you can see for yourself. But FIRST! Check out DGT's official Lizzie Sider page, where you can finish this story up with the interview! 

Thank you to Lizzie Sider for being such a fantastic role model. I am behind you 100% on this journey and I wish you the best!

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