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Damn Good Tunes - "About Us"

   On a windy Spring day in 2007 this magazine was born out of purpose to give aspiring artists the press they needed by helping them propel their careers, and at the very least, get more bookings. We tapped into social media realizing the power of networking and frankly we had no money to use for advertising, but we were ready to go to work immediately.

   I was assisted from the start by three of my grown children. Rob had a business marketing background while Trinity and Firelyn were very talented poets, writers, and composers. The three operated in a triangle within 1500 miles of each other and all contributed to not only the launch of the web-zine, but to it's continued success. I used Craigslist to find volunteer writers by posting in the Musicians sections of various states.

   At the time, Facebook was standing in the shadows of Myspace, and so we joined and started looking for bands and singer-songwriters who may be interested in someone writing a nice article and conduct an interview. It worked very well, but we had to develop a criteria for who the artists would be that we could feature each month; they needed to be plugged into social media, have a respectable fan base, and either have at least one record out or were just about to release. It turned out that there were hundreds and then a thousand more requests from interested bands and writers. Each of the volunteer journalists also had many contacts and were patrolling the clubs looking for the next act that would surely become the next international success.

   Proudly, we attracted the attention of several well-known organizations such as the Country Music Association in Nashville. Our Country Music section was second-to-none within two years of affiliation, and thanks to our man in Nashville, James Dean Fisher, we were able to gain inside and up-close of many of the best of Country music in the USA. Our interests always included multiple genres, but we have had great luck with Blues, thanks to Rocky Nelson, Jazz and Hip-Hop, the latter being one of Trinity's specialties, with a strong readership base. Before long, we were featuring musicians and writers and their music from all over the world. At times, it's been humbling to think of all the incredible conversations and the distant brothers and sisters in the arts I've come to know because of this publication. After some fifty-nine years in show business, thirty in marketing and thirteen in television production, I was lucky to have incorporated some of what I had learned out in the various fields to this magazine. But it was never about me. I was fortunate that my children took an interest in everything I've ever done. These past nine years or so, it was Trinity who doubled-down as a writer and Art Editor-in-Chief and I owe a lot of this publication's continuity and design success to her.

   On a sad note, my daughter Firelyn passed away in December 2017 and I totally went off the publishing and writing radar for a long time. The rest of us knew though that she was very proud of her work and would have wanted us to continue helping artists receive good reviews and interviews. You see, we never intended on writing anything negative. There was always plenty of out outlets for critics. We just wanted to help. And after thirteen years, not one of us has profited from a single penny from any of our works here. We did it because we wanted to.

   I hope that those of you who are reading this will continue to support live music, continue to write songs, and keep your dreams alive, making this world a little better than it was when you came into it. There are so many on this planet who do for themselves and seek to elevate their careers and make money, which certainly has it's place, but for us, it was never about the money or us. It's always been
"All About the Music Since 2007"

-BJ Maier

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