It's All About The Music 


So, I'm not big on fame and fortune. It's not a world in which I feel I'd be comfortable in. However, from time to time, hanging out with all of the musicians that I do, a lot of times, I get inspired to make my own. I've probably only been on stage about 30 or so times, and I can honestly say, it's both the most terrifying AND most terrific feeling, being up there. I see why people get a high from it. All of that nervousness builds up and explodes, and you almost black out from the rush. But instead, you are all of a sudden the master of an energy fireball and your audience can warm their hands by you. (That's why they all put their hands up :D )

Because of that beautiful, terrific, terrifying feeling, I just can't walk away from this drug. Therefore, I decided, that I am going to create this space so that at least my loved ones can stay up to date with anything that I release. If others hear it, that's cool too.

As far as 333 goes, it still represents, and is spoken as my name, Trinity (Lost). 

(My breaths bother me too...I gotta quit smoking :/ )


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